White Light Elements

An Overview of

White Light Elements

Founded in 2017, this is a venture that is beyond healthcare, dedicated to spreading happiness. This function offers an unexampled range of products in categories like mindfulness products, home décor, home linen and mindful clothing. The products are specifically designed to enhance happiness and peace in life.

Our Philosophy

The essence of life lies in living it with love, grace and gratitude. We thoroughly enjoy doing everything from happiness. Not only do we derive utmost joy from the smile that comes from regained health, we also strive to spread happiness to our customers, people and associates. The more we appreciate life, the more there is in life to appreciate. Hence, besides being committed to alleviate suffering in the safest possible manner, we also dedicate ourselves to celebrating life – the most precious gift of Nature.

At Sundyota Numandis Research & Formulations, we specialize in:

  • Formulation-development and tech-transfer of
    a. Advanced probiotics & pharma-biotics
    b. Nutraceuticals & Phytopharmaceuticals
    c. Medical foods
  • Manufacturing various dosage forms (tablets and capsules with different release patterns, sachets, liquids, drops etc.) for advanced global market.
  • Advanced research on stabilization of Probiotics, Pharmabiotics, Nutraceuticals and Phytopharmaceutical formulations.
  • Formulation validation using high-end analytical tools.
  • Innovating and developing evidence-based, safer therapies for new age diseases.

For an organization as young and ahead of time as us, the above is an earnest endeavor towards bettering healthcare. We’re committed to offer the best of research and innovation; thereby bringing about health, well-being and happiness for all.