Sundyota Numandis Probioceuticals


Sundyota Numandis Probioceuticals is the Business to Business arm of the group, incepted in 2012. It was founded with an intention to identify and introduce exclusively in-licensed products, and share them with leading, like-minded companies of India.

The group specializes in offering an impressive therapy range in the field of probiotics, pharmabiotics, nutraceuticals, phytopharmaceuticals and biotechnology products; that are backed by robust scientific data.

For researching, innovating and introducing such products, we follow a detailed, meticulous process that distinctly sets us apart from the rest.

  • Finding therapy gaps & needs through market research
  • Identifying unaddressed molecular pathways of diseases
  • Identifying potential and relevant ingredients
  • Reviewing / initiating clinical data
  • Evaluating feasibility
  • Strategic tie-ups & developments
  • Concept building, marketing and co-marketing
  • Promoting optimal health

Besides our own research stronghold, we have ongoing collaborative researches with leading companies of the world. We are the only company in India to have-

  • 11 self-researched molecules
  • 20 global alliances for collaborative researches
  • 45 domestic alliances for co-marketing our products
  • More than 100 authentic, clinically proven and exclusive products

To integrate such non-synthetic products into mainstream healthcare, we build molecules and brands with leading companies of India as well as the world.

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