Management at Sundyota Numandis

Dinesh Arora

Founder, MD CEO

Dinesh is a passionate visionary with a futuristic approach. With an experience of more than 33 years in the healthcare industry, he has a deep insight of market dynamics. With a sharp eye on identifying therapy gaps, he dedicates himself to offering the best possible solutions that can address them. As the head of the group, he is instrumental in developing policies, taking vital decisions, initiating collaborative researches and building relationships with global healthcare. His profound intention of bettering human healthcare has positively changed the industry’s perception towards probiotics, nutraceuticals and phytopharmaceuticals therapies – as superior and safer alternatives. His deeply rooted values and unconventional thought process has made Sundyota Numandis being looked up to as an ethical, science-oriented and dynamic organization.

Bimal Trivedi


Bimal is the intellect behind Sundyota Numandis’ freshness and dynamism. He is a man with absolute thought clarity, strong fundamentals and unmatched enthusiasm to take the organization to newer heights. With multi-dimensional expertise, he is actively involved in devising policies and systems as well as decision making. Having a forte in costing and accounting, along with sharp analytical skills, he contributes invaluably in accelerating growth; and assigning direction on the strategic front.

Ketul Shah

Executive Director

Ketul is a professional carrying a rich experience of working in the healthcare industry. His stronghold lies in B2B Marketing & Sales and leading end-to-end operations for domestic and international business. A strategist by nature, he plays a vital role in optimizing the resources of the organization – in terms of people, products and future business prospects. Flawless execution and undiluted focus are amongst his top qualities. Ketul is instrumental in laying down new business verticals that includes in-licensing of products, triggering new researches, strategic marketing of innovative & conceptual therapies; thereby creating long-term value for his business associations.

Sumit Bhattacharjee

Director Operations

Sumit is a Science graduate with Post Graduation in Business Administration. He holds a rich sales and marketing experience; and has worked with some of the top ranked pharmaceutical companies. At Sundyota Numandis, He dedicates himself to developing people, policies and markets. With his robust experience, he plays a vital role in expanding business of the organization.

Smita Bhatt


Smita is gold medalist in Pharmacology and the co-founder of the organization. She has nurtured the company with her technical clairvoyance and foresightedness. The niche that Sundyota Numandis has carved for itself today is largely attributed to her exemplary strategic approach. With science and research as her stronghold, she has been instrumental in identifying the right therapies from like-minded, research based organizations.

Geet Arora

Project Head

Geet is a graduate from Indian School of Business. He is a professional with experience across multiple healthcare domains like pharmaceutical marketing, health insurance and handling human resources. He blends formal management tools with strategic business knowledge – much needed for a young and dynamic organization as us. As a leader, Geet is a perfect blend of people and system orientation. Heading the research and formulation facility, he is pivotal in making decisions related to procurement, research, formulation-development and manufacturing of high end probiotic and nutraceutical therapies..

Varun Sureja

Assistant Vice President - Medical and International Business Affairs

Varun is a pharmacologist, with an in-depth experience of innovation in-licensing, scientific developments, medico-marketing & project out-licensing. He holds deep interest and has expertise in therapies like probiotics, nutraceuticals & parapharmaceuticals. He plays an imperative role in identifying research molecules and technologies, developing strategic alliances with innovators and driving technical developments for successful commercialization of projects.