Each 1.5 gm stick contains
Sodium chloride: 1000 mg
Sodium bicarbonate: 440 mg
Curcuma longa extract: 50 mg
Echinactive™: 10 mg


Curinz™ is a first of its kind product – a readymade gargling blend for oral health. Curinz™ contains powerful phytoactives along with sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. These clinically proven ingredients offer anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effects. Curinz™ is extremely effective in relieving sore throat, inflamed gums, controlling bad breath and maintaining oral hygiene. Regular gargling and rinsing the mouth with Curinz™ keeps the mouth and throat clean, and could be helpful in preventing various oral and respiratory infections. As Curinz™ is extremely easy to carry; it offers the convenience of gargling anytime, anywhere.


  • Sore throat
  • Gingivitis
  • Bad breath
  • Maintaining oral hygiene

Recommended usage:

1 stick, two to three times a day.

Directions for use:

Mix the contents of Curinz™ with 100 ml lukewarm or normal temperature water. Gargle or swish the solution in the mouth for about 30 seconds and spit it out. Repeat till the solution is over.

(Echinactive™ is under technical collaboration with Finzelberg, Germany)

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Key Features

  • Contains clinically proven ingredients
  • Effectively relieves sore throat, swollen and inflamed gums
  • Controls bad breath
  • Helpful in preventing infections
  • Does not stain teeth
  • Easy to carry; can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Safe for all age groups

Your questions answered

Why is gargling / rinsing the mouth important?

Our mouth is a gateway to various microorganisms; and many of them have the potential of causing diseases. Common respiratory infections are a consequence of these disease producing microorganisms entering the respiratory tract. Though the entry of disease causing microorganisms cannot always be prevented; keeping the mouth and throat clean is essential to maintain good oral and respiratory health. Regular gargling and rinsing the mouth is a simple and effective approach to keep these channels clean and healthy.

What is Curinz™?

Curinz™ is a thoughtfully designed gargling mixture; that contains powerful phytoactives along with sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. Curinz™ is helpful for in relieving symptoms of common mouth and throat conditions (like sore throat, swollen gums); controlling bad breath and maintaining oral hygiene.

What is the role of the ingredients of Curinz™?

Echinactive™ is a patented extract of Echinacea purpurea flower. It has powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects and is effective in fighting infections. Curcuma longa extract has an anti-inflammatory action and it promotes growth of healthy cells. Sodium chloride is effective in reducing inflammation. Sodium bicarbonate alters oral pH and helps fight disease causing germs. It is also useful in relieving mouth sores and sore throat. Together, these ingredients give powerful anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Hence, Curinz™ not only helps in relieving common conditions like a sore throat or painful gums; but is also effective in preventing various viral and bacterial infections.

How is Curinz™ different from a homemade gargling solution?

A homemade solution of salt and turmeric may be effective; but it is unlikely for a person to achieve the right concentration of the solution every time. Curinz™ is a readymade mixture of clinically proven ingredients in the right proportion. Besides, Curinz™ offers the advantage of Echinactive™ – a patented and clinically proven extract of Echinacea purpurea flower; that has antiviral and antibacterial effects. Further, it could be impractical to make a gargling solution when one is out of home. Curinz™ offers the convenience of carrying a few sticks along; to be used anytime, anywhere.

How should Curinz™ be used?

Mix the contents of Curinz™ in 100 ml lukewarm or normal temperature water. Take some of this solution in your mouth and swish it; or gargle with it for about 30 seconds and spit it out. Repeat this couple of times more till the solution is over. Avoid swallowing the solution.

What if Curinz™ is used with less / more water than specified?

For optimal results, one stick of Curinz™ should be used with about 100 ml water. If too much water is used, it may reduce the effect of Curinz™. Likewise, using too little water may make the solution much concentrated than required; and may cause throat dryness in some people.

How many times should Curinz™ be used in a day?

Curinz™ may be used as many times as one wants; as it is natural and completely safe.

The solution looks bright yellow. Would it stain the teeth?

The yellow color of the solution is because of the presence of Curcuma longa extract. It does not stain the teeth.

Can children use Curinz™?

Yes. Curinz™ is completely natural and safe; and can be used by anyone at home. In fact, it should be used by everyone at home.

Can I eat / drink something normally after using Curinz™?

Yes. Nevertheless, it is good to avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 20 minutes after using Curinz™, for it to act effectively in the mouth or throat.

Is Curinz™ safe for pregnant or lactating women?

There are no clinical studies with Curinz™ on pregnant or lactating women. However, Curinz™ is absolutely safe because it is only meant to be used as an oral rinse or as a gargle.

Are there any contraindications or special precautions for using Curinz™?

There are no contraindications of Curinz™ except hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.

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