Amongst world’s best facilities for probiotics & nutraceuticals research and manufacturing


Sundyota Numandis Research & Formulations is a state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facility for advanced nutraceutical and probiotic formulations. Located at Gujarat Pharma Techno Park, the unit is amongst the best nutraceuticals manufacturing facilities of the world. We’ve collaborated with European scientists to develop and produce technologically advanced formulations.

The unit has separate research wing, manufacturing wing and utility block. The plan and design is in compliance with current EU-GMP norms. The unit also complies with FSSAI regulations and cGMP norms.

The facility is self-reliant in terms of :

  • In house research and development.
  • Advanced research on stabilization of probiotics, pharmabiotics, nutraceuticals and phytopharmaceutical formulations.
  • Formulation, analytical development and tech-transfer of
    a. Advanced probiotics and pharmabiotics
    b. Nutraceuticals and phytopharmaceuticals
    c. Medical foods
  • Formulation validation using high-end analytical tools.
  • Manufacturing dosage forms – Capsules and tablets with different release patterns; sachets, sticks, liquids, drops, gummies and vials.
  • Packaging
    a. Alu / Alu blister
    b. Alu / PVDC blister
    c. Alu / Alu strips
    d. Stick packs
    e. Sachets
    f. Bulk packs

Manufacturing :

The facility has dedicated areas for manufacturing capsules, powders and tablets. Our capabilities on the above dosage forms are :

  • Capsules: Up to 1 billion capsules per year.
  • Powders: 1.8 million Kg blends per year (150 million sachets / sticks per year).
  • Tablets: Currently under development, expected to yield 1 billion tablets per year.

Warehouse :

  • Temperature and RH controlled, separate areas for raw materials, primary packaging materials, empty capsules, secondary packaging materials and finished goods.
  • Separate space for solvent storage.
  • Walk in refrigerated chamber (2 – 8°C) for storage of temperature sensitive materials.
  • Separate Man and Material movement paths. Separate elevators for movement of Raw materials and Finished goods.

Packaging :

The unit deploys latest technology to yield world class formulations. Some of our most advanced machines are :

  • Sachets and sticks: Multi-lane machines from Aranow, Spain, capable of yielding uni-dose packs and adaptable to work with powders and granules. The machines have flawless auger filling mechanism and are capable of yielding 300 sticks / sachets per minute per machine.
  • Blisters: 400 blisters per minute – flat forming / flat sealing, with forming speed of up to 40 cycles / minute and cutting speed of up to 120 strokes / minute.
    a. Trinity Accupack: Machines to pack in Alu – Alu / Alu – PVC / PVDC and Aclar.
    b. Velocity Accupack: High speed, hot forming and hot sealing machine with capacity of 300 blisters per minute – flat forming / rotary sealing, with cutting speed of 150 strokes per minute.
    c. Possibility of differentiated packaging designs (multi-layered foil / tamper proof / child proof / desiccant foil through additional change parts.
  • Strips: 12 channel aluminium strip packing machine by Gansons.

Owing to such high tech machines, we are amongst the most equipped organizations to meet specific probiotics and nutraceuticals OSD formulations and packaging requirements.

Formulations – Development :

  • Development capabilities :Dedicated floor (4500 sq ft) with designated areas for formulation of Tablets (coated / uncoated), Capsules (Gelatin/HPMC/DR caps), Oral powders, Oral liquids (syrups / suspensions), Lozenges, Emulsions and Pastes.
  • Development under care :
    a. Grade D area with epoxy flooring, Powder dispensing under LAF.
    b. Temperature and Humidity control (RH as low as 20%).
  • Stability testing :Climate control chambers for stability studies under long term and accelerated conditions with auto-alarm facility.
  • Future expansion prospects :Provision for developing novel and superior formulations like Microparticles, Nano-suspensions, Liposomes, Mouth dissolving films, Soft gel capsules, Pellets.

Analytical Testing :

  • Lab Layout: Separate Wet chemistry lab and Chromatography room, with sophisticated equipment for testing of Raw material, Intermediates, Packaging Materials and Finished formulations.
  • Key Equipment: HPLC (Shimadzu Prominence-i LC-2030C Plus), UV– Vis spectrophotometry (Shimadzu UV 1900), FTIR (Perkin Elmer Spectrum).
  • Future expansion prospects: Integrating GC-MS and ICP-MS for analytical testing.

Microbiology :

  • Lab Layout: Grade B, Class 10,000 Temperature controlled area with epoxy flooring to minimize microbial contamination.
  • Testing Capabilities: Lab equiped with LAF (Class A), Microscope and Incubators for Microbial contamination testing.
  • We are amongst the first to deploy Flowcytometery for probiotic enumeration.
  • Allows precise quantification of viable microbes, in single-strain and multi-strain probiotic products.



Innovation is the cradle of growth. At Sundyota Numandis Research & Formulations we’re committed to add value to global healthcare through advancements in product technology, simplifying dosage forms, reducing costs and achieving operational excellence.


In a short span of time, Sundyota Numandis has created an untarnished image of having the best product quality in Indian pharma ecosystem. Continuing this legacy, Sundyota Numandis Research & Formulations too is committed to offer uncompromised product quality.


A place where an individual spends the largest chunk of his / her productive day better be enjoyable. Sundyota Numandis Research & Formulations is a family of happy, and motivated individuals. The company is responsible to provide clean and comfortable working conditions, opportunities of career growth, a transparent work culture and events of enjoyment and personal upliftment to all its members.