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We’re recognized globally as an innovative, ethical, and a science-oriented company with deeply rooted values. Our different verticals cater to different customer and consumer profiles. We serve humanity through our Business-to-Customer, Business-to-Business, and Business-to-Consumer models. While successfully handling healthcare, we’ve even moved beyond, to establish a venture dedicated to spreading happiness.

SDN Pharma

The parent company of the group, founded in 2003. Involved in ethical marketing and science-based promotion of clinically proven products to doctors.

SDN Schweiz

This is the International Business to Business arm of the group, founded in 2019. It is a one stop solution for Private Label and contract manufacturing of exclusive, highly effective and clinically proven probiotics and nutraceutical products. The function specializes in creating and building global markets by establishing latest, emerging trends in such advanced therapies. The products are exclusive and customized to specific market needs and patient profiles.

SDN Pro-Bio

The Business to Business arm of the group, incepted in 2012. The function is involved in collaborative research, innovation, in-licensing and strategic marketing of advanced probiotic, nutraceutical and phytopharmaceuticals therapies.

White Light Elements

Founded in 2017, this is a venture that is beyond healthcare, dedicated to spreading happiness. This function offers an unexampled range of products in categories like mindfulness products, home décor, home linen and mindful clothing. The products are specifically designed to enhance happiness and peace in life.


Founded in 2016, this is a high-end facility for formulation-development, manufacturing and collaborative research of advanced probiotic and nutraceutical formulations. The facility is amongst the best in the world, compliant with global cGMP norms and FSSAI regulations.

SDN Lifecare

Direct to Consumer venture of the group, founded in 2019. Offers a wide range of online and OTC wellbeing products that promise an experience of high effectiveness with utmost safety.

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