Sundyota Numandis Schweiz GmbH


Sundyota Numandis Schweiz is the international B-to-B and Innovation wing of the group. Based at Switzerland, Sundyota Numandis Schweiz proposes Private Label and Contract Manufacturing of high-end Food Supplements to international customers.

Sundyota Schweiz Overview

Our purpose

We intend to integrate advanced, nature-derived and clinically proven therapies into mainstream healthcare for prevention, management and wellness. Our mission is to spread the goodness of world’s best healthcare solutions across the globe. For the same, we’re open to partnering with like-minded organizations of the world.

Our approach

We propose products across a wide range of therapies. These products are tested and are successfully established as our own brands, under Sundyota Numandis and driver’s partners. We offer end-to-end support for conceptualizing and developing your future products. Our services for you include innovation, manufacturing, training and strategic marketing; based on our own market experience.

What we offer

We are a one stop shop for you for Private Label and Contract Manufacturing. Sundyota Numandis Schweiz specializes in creating and building global markets with therapies based on latest and innovative scientific concepts. We offer a range of self researched molecules, as well as those collaboratively researched by partnering with innovators across the world. Our exclusive range comprises

  • Specialized probiotic strains.
  • Patented nutraceutical ingredients.
  • Disease specific blends of probiotics and nutraceuticals.
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What we offer

  • High end probiotic finish goods
  • Formulas with patented nutraceutical ingredients
  • Disease specific blends of probiotics and nutraceuticals

Sundyota Numandis Schweiz Edge

We stand distinctly apart from the rest, based on the following strong merits

  • Knowledge: We constantly strive to keep ourselves abreast with the developments in healthcare. We consistently innovate to better current therapies.
  • Quality: Our products are manufactured under stringent most quality controls, at facilities complying with global standards.
  • Marketing Expert : With our rich experience and expertise of establishing conceptual therapies, you can safely rely on us.
  • Service : Whether individual ingredients or customized blends, we ensure you get the best; well in time. Further, we offer qualitative insights on business development and strategic marketing.
  • Cost effectiveness: We’re committed to offer you an optimal pricing structure for a long lasting association.

Based on the above virtues, you can bank upon us as a trusted partner for Private Label as well as Contract Manufacturing.