End-to-end private label and contract manufacturing of advanced probiotics and nutraceutical therapies


Sundyota Numandis Schweiz is the international B-to-B and Innovation wing of the group. Based at Switzerland, Sundyota Numandis Schweiz proposes Private Label and Contract Manufacturing of high end Food Supplements to international customers.

Sundyota Schweiz Overview

Our purpose

We intend integrate advanced, nature-derived and clinically proven therapies into mainstream healthcare for prevention, management and wellness, with a clear mission to spread the goodness of world’s best healthcare solutions across the globe.

Our endeavor is to offer a portfolio of self researched molecules; as well as those collaboratively researched by partnering with innovators across the world. Hence, for the same, we are open to partnering with like-minded organizations of the world.

Our exclusive range will comprise

  • Specialized probiotic strains.
  • Patented nutraceutical ingredients.
  • Disease specific blends of probiotics and nutraceuticals.

These products will be researched and formulated in perfect accordance with emerging disease patterns; and will be aptly suited for specific markets and patient profiles. The entire group function is supported by a skilled team of scientists, researchers, product developers and international sales team.

Sundyota Numandis Schweiz specializes in creating and building global markets with therapies based on latest and innovative scientific concepts.

We are an immensely trusted name with more than 17 years of experience of improving people’s lives with conceptual therapies. Having gathered substantial experience in the diver’s market, we intend to help people lead healthier lives across the globe; with unique products and innovative formulas.

We have a highly successful track-record of conceptualizing new evidence-based markets across various domains like:

Bones & Joint Health Women’s Health
Children’s Health G.I. Health
Allergy Management Lifestyle Disorders
Immunity Liver Health

Our approach

We propose products to you across a wide range of therapies; that are tested and successfully established by us as our own brands under Sundyota Numandis and diver’s partners. We not only offer you varied options; but also extend end-to-end support in terms of conceptualizing and developing your future products. Our comprehensive services include innovating, manufacturing, training and devising a strategic marketing approach that is based on our previous market experience.

What we offer

We are a one stop shop for you for Private Label and Contract Manufacturing, based on the below aspects:

  • In house research and development of probiotics, pharmabiotics, nutraceuticals, phytopharmaceuticals and biotechnology products.
  • Advanced research on stabilization of their formulations.
  • Formulation, analytical development and tech-transfer of
    • Advanced probiotics and pharmabiotics
    • Nutraceuticals and phytopharmaceuticals
    • Medical foods
  • In-house manufacturing at world-class, global cGMP compliant facility.
  • Offering choices from a wide range of dosage forms – Capsules / tablets with different release patterns; sachets, sticks, liquids, drops (uni / multidose), gummies and vials.
  • Various Packaging Options: Alu / Alu blister, Alu / PVDC blister, Alu / Alu strips, Stick packs, Sachets, Bulk packs.
  • Apt positioning and strategic global marketing of products.

Sundyota Numandis Schweiz Edge

Some attributes that set us apart from the rest are:

  • Knowledge: We constantly strive to keep ourselves abreast with the developments in healthcare. We put in a conscious effort to better currently available therapies through ongoing innovations and advancements.
  • Quality consciousness: While offering the best of products we also keep a hawk’s eye on quality standards. Our products are manufactured under stringent most quality controls, at facilities complying with global standards. Our research and manufacturing facility is amongst the most equipped facilities in the world.
  • Expertise in marketing: With our forte and unmatched acumen in identifying, customizing, creating and establishing markets of superior, safer and clinically proven therapies, you can safely rely on us.
  • Service quotient: Whether individual ingredients or customized blends, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that you get nothing but the best; and well in stipulated time. Further, we support you with qualitative insights on business development and strategic marketing.
  • Cost effectiveness: Besides the above service attributes we’re also committed to offer you an optimal pricing structure for a long lasting association.

Based on the above virtues, you can bank upon us as a trusted partner for Private Label as well as Contract Manufacturing


Our purpose and intention lies in globalizing latest and emerging trends in probiotics and nutraceutical therapies. We wish to extend the goodness of these therapies across the world; thereby bettering people’s lives from the health perspective. Hence, we believe in spreading, sharing and supporting. We invite like-minded organizations to spread this cause. Today, leading healthcare organizations of the world have collaborated with us to spread this cause. These include Cipla, Abott, Lupin, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Meyer Vitabiotics, USV, Zydus and Siegfried Rhein, to name a few.