sundyota numandis research and formulation

Formulations and Analytical Research

Development capabilities: Dedicated floor (4500 sq ft) with designated areas for formulation of Tablets (coated / uncoated), Capsules (Gelatin/HPMC/DR caps), Oral powders, Oral liquids (syrups / suspensions), Lozenges, Emulsions and Pastes.


Development under care :
a. Grade D area with epoxy flooring, Powder dispensing under LAF.
b. Temperature and Humidity control (RH as low as 20%).

Stability testing :Climate control chambers (ICH zones II, IV-A, IV-B and spare chamber) for stability studies under long term and accelerated conditions with auto-alarm facility.

Collaboration with global scientists

Besides our own team of scientists, we’ve collaborated with skilled scientists across the world, who blend their acumen and experience to assist us in:

  • Formulation expertise across an array of dosage forms such as orosoluble powders, probiotic oil-based suspensions, capsules, chewable tablets; that are consumer friendly and deliver accurate doses.
  • Analytical expertise of method development, validation and transfer for complex nutraceuticals and phytopharmaceuticals. This is supported with an additional team that works dedicatedly to develop quantification methods for strain specific probiotics

Future expansion prospects: Provision for developing novel and superior formulations like microparticles, nano-suspensions, liposomes, mouth dissolving films, soft gel capsules and pellets.