Eleulide™ is a proprietary, potent and standardized composition containing extracts of Andrographispaniculata and Acanthopanaxsenticosus (Eleutherococcussenticosus).

Extracts of Andrographispaniculata and Acanthopanaxsenticosus have demonstrated safety and efficacy to improve respiratory health during upper respiratory tract infections like common cold, influenza etc. Both these extracts have over 20 years of history of safe use in European countries. The active components present in A. Paniculata and A. SenticosusAndrographolides and eleutherosides respectively.

Eleulide™ offers potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effects. It also works in various ways to improve immunity.

Elulide™ has proven efficacy and safety through multiple clinical studies. It effectively reduces symptoms of viral upper respiratory tract infections like

Sore throat, headache, nasal symptoms, eye symptoms, throat dryness and body temperature, ocular symptoms, malaise, sneezing, fever etc.Eleulide™ offers quick recovery from illness and reduces number of sick days. It also reduces the consumption of standard medications like antibiotics and antipyretics.

Eleulide™ is recommended for people having viral respiratory tract infections as well as to boost immunity.