Celements® EAA

Celements® EAA is a unique proprietary composition of ingredients specifically designed to support muscle health in individuals suffering from sarcopenia related issues like loss of muscle strength, loss of muscle mass, muscle activation failure etc. Protein supplements are often used to improve muscle strength. However, they being macromolecules cannot be absorbed intact. They need to be broken down into amino acids to get absorbed. Hence, direct supplementing amino acids can be advantageous than protein supplements; as they offer absorbable form of active ingredients required for muscle health. Celements® EAA contains conditionally essential amino acids and glycosaminoglycans that offer complementary effects on muscle health. The amino acids strengthen quadriceps and hamstring muscles while glycosaminoglycans prevent muscle cell degradation.

Celements® EAA is recommended for people who have decreased muscle strength or have undergone knee replacement surgery and have associated decrease in muscle strength.