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Sundyota Numandis features among Best SMEs of the Year -2018 | SuperFlora GG awarded as 'Most Innovative Probiotic Brand of the Year' by CIMS - Nutrition and Wellness Awards 2018.

Sundyota Numandis alive & advanced

Sundyota Numandis, our name truly defines our purpose of existence. It means ‘A sparkling expression of joy empowered by the cosmic energy of the Sun’.

Founded in 2003, we began with a profound intention to bring a new dimension to human healthcare - a dimension comprising of therapies that are more effective, healthier and safer. Since inception, we have created our own benchmark and are today recognized as distinctive, innovative, ethical and science-oriented company in India. Through our innovative thought process and freshness in approach, we also have earned the distinction of being an organization that has deep-rooted values with an inimitable insight.

Our insightfulness driven by deep awareness brings fresh and innovative approach in every sphere of our operations. This gives us distinct attributes like :

  • Exploring and conceptualizing latest researches to bring superior therapeutic solutions.
  • Offering qualitative, advanced, clinically proven and safer therapeutic molecules that work on the root cause of the diseases.
  • Collaborating with leading primary healthcare research organizations of the world, thereby enabling us to introduce about 50 new and globally acclaimed molecules.
  • Building of brands and molecules with leading healthcare companies in India.

At Sundyota Numandis, we believe in doing everything from happiness. Nothing satisfies us more than the joy that emerges from effectively alleviating suffering in the safest possible manner. We’re way ahead of time, as we’ve already started pioneering the future of healthcare.

Our Mission : Being Alive to enhance health, happiness, and harmony through advanced Natural solutions.

Our Vision : Happy Humans on Healthy Earth.

While in the business of spreading happiness, we are also emerging as undisputed leaders in the field of probiotics, pharmabiotics, nutraceuticals, phytopharmaceuticals and biotechnology products. With our conviction, passion and dedication, we are all set to change the world!

Today, the Sundyota Numandis group comprises of

Sundyota Numandis Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Sundyota Numandis Probioceuticals Pvt. Ltd. &

Sundyota Numandis Research & Formulations Pvt. Ltd.


We have been chosen amongst India’s Most Promising Brands – 2016 by WCRC (World Consulting & Research Corporation)